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Ternopil Opillya Brewery has a history dating back to the 19th century. At that time, namely in 1851, the first brewery was built, owned by the Goldberg family. Opillya beer is now supplied to all regions of Ukraine, giving its fans a wide range of flavors of the frothy drink.

The main advantage of the brewery is that it specializes in the production of unpasteurized products. At one time, the total product catalog was calculated by 12 items, so the manufacturer has the opportunity not only to expand it, but also to change the range according to consumer demands. In addition, the plant sells goods in the format of kegs and bottled beer with a capacity of 0.5 liters.
Not only malt and hops are used in factories to make delicious beer. In addition to these classic ingredients, the company has recently started to use barley and enzyme preparations as a supplement. This did not affect the quality of the products, but at the same time made it possible to make the price more democratic.

To buy beer in Kiev it is admissible in the following list:

  • Light - Branded, Camp, Zhiguli, Classic, Coryphaeus, Wheat, Brave Boatswain
  • Dark - Prince;
  • White unfiltered, other.

The online beer shop offers extremely favorable conditions for fans to spend an evening with friends over a bottle of a good intoxicating drink. There is both filtered and so-called live beer. Buyers can order it in bottles from the manufacturer or in the form of bottling in the required quantity.

It should be noted that in Ukraine the Ternopil company is confidently gaining popularity among connoisseurs of quality products. Especially since our online store provides its customers with fast delivery - regardless of the region of residence. The high demand for the product is explained quite simply:
  • quality control of raw materials at all stages of production;
  • making a drink using ancient technology, which is more than 100 years old;
  • use in the process of water that has undergone multi-stage purification and softening with the help of special filters;
  • beer maturation takes place in cellars underground with a stable temperature;
  • keg product is a live beer that does not pass pasteurization, so its shelf life is only 15 days;
  • professional approach to the design of containers and other packaging materials.
Our many customers who prefer to buy can see for themselves beer with home delivery.
Our customers have the opportunity to pick up their goods at home, as well as use the service of delivery to a pre-arranged place. How much does it cost to order beer with delivery, and how the amount is calculated when ordering - detailed information is available for any visitor to the store directly on the site
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