Beer glasses

How does a glass affect beer?

We are sure that every beer lover at least once in his life noticed that the taste of his favorite drink is not always the same, if you use different glasses. And there are reasons for that. A glass of beer you need to be able to choose just like snacks, if you expect to get the most taste and aroma from the beer variety you have chosen.

The first thing you need to deal with is the aroma. It is no secret that wines are served in special glasses due to the fact that different flavors show themselves differently. The situation with beer does not change. The smell of a hop drink depends on light substances consisting of hop oils, fruit esters, spices and so on. The most pronounced aroma have those beers whose foam is denser. Due to the fact that different varieties have different foams, glasses should be chosen with attention to this aspect.

Beer glasses

The variety of beers is really impressive. But no less impressive is the number of special glasses for drinking. The main ones are:

  • Beaker. It so happened that quite a number of beer drinks in the tradition of their use are very similar to champagne. The elongated shape of the glass not only preserves the original aromas of beer, but also allows you to watch the bubbles rising from the bottom.
  • Beer cup. Cups come both on a long leg, and more massive options for which sculpturally similar legs are made. Even a glass can be art, as it turns out. Quite often the bottom of the cup has faces, which helps to keep carbon dioxide longer and prolong the life of the foam. Cups are great for taking big sips.
  • Beer mug. Can be used with or without a lid. The lid appeared in the Middle Ages, when there was a need to protect the drink from insects. It is easy to drink thanks to the wide neck and strong handle.
  • A glass of light beer. Is a tall and narrow glass, resembling a horn. In most cases, it contains no more than 0.36 liters of drink. Great for maintaining foam of light varieties, helps to create the perfect color scheme.
  • Jeroboam (Pint). It has an almost cylindrical shape with a slight narrowing downwards. There are two options: 0.5 and 0.6 liters. The glasses are easy to make and are perfect for revealing the whole bouquet of aromas of hops and malt.
  • Narrow glass. It is a traditional German glass due to the fact that it perfectly preserves the concentration of light substances. Easy to hold in your hand and easy to enjoy the color of the drink.
  • Wine glass. Ideal for Belgian ale. Leaves a lot of room for foam and unsurpassed aroma of this drink.

As you can see, there is really something to choose from. Of course, the tradition of drinking certain drinks with the use of special glasses can not be undone. However, no one forbids to choose the best option for yourself. Your favorite drink from Opillia and the right glass will definitely help you have a great evening.

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