maltose molasses

Why do you need maltose molasses in beer?

Nothing quenches thirst in the summer like delicious and useful beer, and nothing so decorates a winter evening as a bottle of your favorite intoxicating drink. Only real beer can be awarded the most compliments, but nowadays many brewers forget about the traditions and benefits of the drink, turning to, at first glance, more advanced methods of brewing, but, as practice shows, less useful to the consumer. Therefore, it is impossible not to talk about such a reality of modern brewing as maltose molasses.

Maltose flow is a type of polysaccharide. It is used instead of the standard beer wort to speed up the fermentation process itself. Previously, only barley, hops, water and time were needed to make beer. Maltose molasses is currently on a par with these ingredients.

Polysaccharide is used to bring the brewery to a new level of capacity. In this case, molasses can be a great solution when there is a lack of malt or barley. Treacle not only speeds up the cooking process, but also directly affects the fermentation, which helps to obtain a higher alcohol content without much effort. Maltose molasses is used to obtain the standard taste of beer, because it is very close in composition to traditional beer mix.

In general, modern technologies are working to increase content molasses in beer wort, which is profitable from an economic point of view: fewer components, but more final products. Brew beer due to polysaccharide cheaper than traditional methods. Beer experts point out that live beer can not be made by accelerated technology, because it is not natural. That is why the company "Opillia»Refused to use maltose molasses in favor of natural taste for its consumers.
There is also a lot of controversy about the fact that the use of polysaccharide releases a significant amount of ethyl alcohol, which gives the beer an unusual taste. On the one hand, this opens up opportunities to experiment with new flavors, on the other - is lost.proven by history» beer taste.

Real beer should contain only barley, hops and water.

Molasses is obtained due to saccharification of corn or barley malt, which is why it has a brown color and a light malty taste. Product, of course, a natural, but beer result that we get from it - it's a matter of taste of every lover of this drink. So the next time you choose a bottle of your favorite beer in the store, look closely at the label: maybe the composition will not quite please you. Or make a choice in favor beer products from «Opillia", Because for us beer traditions and taste - always in the first place.

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