What is craft beer?

Crafts beer (Craft beer) has been on the ears of fans of this drink for a long time. However, even today, few people understand what this concept means in the context of the brewing industry and ordinary connoisseurs of intoxicating taste. This is what we will try to fix. Under craft beer you need to understand not one specific thing, but a multifaceted phenomenon in the world of brewing, consisting of the following:

  • Use of author's recipes in mini-breweries.
  • Beer that has a traditional base in the form of 50% malt, but with the addition of various ingredients that help to get a truly unique and unparalleled taste.
  • The art of brewing, which is not profit-oriented. Craft beer is produced in small batches and highlights the search for new in the world of beer flavors and aromas.
  • The composition of craft beer is always natural, without any chemical impurities.

History of the concept

The first craft breweries appeared in Great Britain. The most striking example of a new trend in brewing is the Bill Urquhart Brewery, which was founded in 1975. At that time, the idea took root badly, although the new breweries were able to quickly adapt to the tastes of customers.

Beer craft (another name for craft brewing) became widespread in America, where in 1983 the term first appeared. Back then, it meant only a small brewery that sells its product locally. In our time, as we see, not only the concept has become more widely understood, but the spread of craft beer has become so significant that it can already dictate their own market conditions.

Additional Information

In most cases, the term "craft" is used to evaluate the drink and find differences in it from regular beer. The American Brewers Association draws attention to the following parameters:

  • The brewery should produce no more than 700 liters of beverage per year.
  • Complete freedom of action. That is, at least 75% of capital is owned by the brewery itself.
  • Tradition. The brewery does not deviate from the main traditions, but uses a variety of additional ingredients to improve the taste. In this case, the brewer can not add new ingredients to reduce the cost of the drink, the main focus is on taste.

The most popular varieties for craft breweries are:

  • light ale;
  • Indian light ale;
  • porter;
  • stout;
  • american light el.
craft beer
Crafts beer
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