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Seven tips for visitors to beer festivals (Beer Festival)

The beer festival is not only an opportunity to try a variety of beers. It is also a unique atmosphere, fun, friendly meetings and new acquaintances. If you are going to a beer festival for the first time, you will definitely need our practical advice. They will help to avoid annoying mistakes that can ruin the long-awaited vacation!

Tip 1: Don't take a lot of things with you.

As practice shows, in a few days of the festival you will have time to wear a maximum of a couple of sets of clothes. Therefore, do not overload luggage, and take only the essentials.

Tip 2. Waist bag - the best friend of the Festival!

Put valuables - money, phone, hotel room keys - in a waist bag or "banana". It can be hung over your shoulder, and it will be on your chest - right in front of your eyes. This will protect your content from potential thieves and reduce the risk of accidental loss of valuables.

Tip 3. Be prepared for long queues

Queues will be everywhere - to the tents with beer, snacks, a free table, as well as to the toilet. The last point should be given special attention, because even after one glass of beer you will soon want to go to the toilet. Experienced visitors to beer festivals are advised to take a turn as soon as you feel the first urges of the bladder.

Tip 4. Do not overdo it with alcohol

Beer is easy to drink, and after one glass you want to dry the next - and so on. Do not try to try all kinds of beer at once, so as not to turn into a so-called "beer corpse". This term is used at Oktoberfest - for those visitors who are very drunk and fell asleep where necessary.

Tip 5. Eat and drink water

The advice may seem trivial, but it is often forgotten. Food helps you absorb alcohol - and you get drunk less and more slowly. And water is necessary because any alcohol - including beer - dehydrates. In order not to suffer in the morning from strong thirst and other "delights" of a hangover, do not forget to eat deliciously and drink something non-alcoholic!

Tip 6. Didn't like the beer? Then don't finish it!

There will be many beers at the festival, and not all of them you will like. Especially now that many exotic options are cooked, trying to surprise the consumer. And if you do not like the drink, do not overdo it - and finish it. This is normal!

Tip 7. Don't be afraid to try something new!

Maybe after reading the previous paragraph, you will start to be afraid of "beer experiments". We urge you not to be afraid to try new varieties! Because this is how you can find a beer that will become one of your favorites and open new facets of the taste of your favorite drink!

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