Live kvass

Live kvass "Opilya"

Our ancestors always associated kvass with the best refreshing drink, which not only gave strength, but also allowed us to enjoy a unique taste. Nowadays live kvass "Opilya" was able to become the heir to the centuries-old history of making natural kvass, whose taste and nutritional value are so loved by all connoisseurs of this drink.

Benefits of live kvass

Such popularity of live kvass is fully justified. Despite the fact that the product is considered a low-calorie drink, it is saturated with a large number of vitamins and trace elements necessary for the human body.

To prepare live kvass "Opillia» only natural ingredients are used. A drink prepared on the basis of the best fermented wort for fermentation has a positive effect on the human body.

Live kvass can be prepared only with the use of germinated grains, which accumulate special enzymes and contain folic acid and antioxidants. Live fermentation contributes to the fact that the finished drink does not lose its unique properties and retains all the useful substances that have a positive effect on the human immune system, relieve fatigue, and help keep the body in good shape.

"Opillya" kvass is created with special care for the consumer, because it combines not only time-tested production technologies, but also modern methods that can positively affect the taste characteristics of the drink.

Today, kvass has become a symbol of real coziness, because its taste and bread aroma can evoke only positive emotions related to home and family ties.


In the modern world, kvass was able not only to maintain its position as an excellent summer drink, but also to win new fans thanks to its unique taste and useful properties. Live kvass "Opilya"is a successful attempt to combine the experience of ancestors and modern knowledge to get a truly unique product that is invigorating, easy to drink and in an affordable price category.

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