Beer Opillya Koryfei

27,99 грн.69,99 грн.

Opillia Koryfei is a light, filtered beer brewed according to the recipe of the Bavarian Beer Law of 1516.

Beer Opillia Coryfey 25
Beer Opillya Koryfei 27,99 грн.69,99 грн.
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"Koryfei" from the brewery "Opillya" belongs to the classic type of beer, which is brewed on the basis of recipes used in old Europe. If you like the pure taste of beer and malt without any extraneous flavors, then "Opillia Koryfei" will be the perfect choice for you. The traditional recipe of the "Bavarian Beer Law" of 1516 was embodied in modern Ternopil beer. The rich malty taste, which is emphasized by hop bitterness, has made Koryfei beer one of the most popular intoxicating drinks among Ukrainians.

Koryfei beer is best combined with spicy dishes: spicy grilled dishes, herbs and spices, chicken dishes are perfect for this beer.

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